29 Year-Old Bicyclist Dies In Hit And Run In Boston, Massachusetts Back Bay Neighborhood.

Riding your bike to and from anywhere you go can be a great way to exercise while cutting back on the expenses that come along with driving: gas, parking, tolls, etc. However, riding your bike in an urban area, such as Boston, can be dangerous. Bicyclists are particularly prone to significant and serious bodily injuries due to the lack of structural protection or safety belts on bicycles. Injuries from a bicycle accident can range from superficial cuts and bruises to more serious injuries, such as severe head trauma, and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, call our bicycle accident lawyer experts 24/7 at 617-787-3700!

Rick Archer, a 29 year-old bicyclist from South Boston, was struck by a car in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. He died from his injuries two days after the accident. Police had been searching for a silver sedan that they believed hit and dragged Mr. Archer on Commonwealth Avenue and Claredon Street at approximately 3:20 a.m. one Sunday morning. According to the Boston Police Commissioner, Williams Evans, the car then sped off and took a wrong-way turn down Berkeley Street.

Shortly after Mr. Archer’s death, at around 6 a.m Tuesday morning, police sealed off part of the Boston Common parking garage, where a car was found that appeared to match the description of the suspect vehicle. A member of the Boston Common parking garage security team had notified police of the car. The Toyota Camry has a smashed front windshield and damage to its roof.  Investigators on the scene could be seen examining the damage on the car. Police had been waiting for a warrant so they could search the interior of the car. It was not confirmed whether police had identified the vehicle’s owner or not.

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