Bicycle Crash Injures One Adult And Two Children In Denver, Colorado.

While always a fun way to travel, bicycles are also riskier than most motor vehicles due to the lack of any protection, despite your ability to travel at high rates of speed. People riding a bicycle, however, have the right to use bike lanes, roads and crosswalks without fear that they may be struck by a motor vehicle. If a vehicle negligently enters your bike lane, which causes you to have an accident, you may be entitled to just compensation equal to the amount of your pain and suffering and other damages. However, a personal injury lawsuit is complicated, which is why victims of bicycle accidents should listen to the expert Boston bicycle accident attorneys at our firm who have decades of experience.

Three people were injured recently when their three-person tandem bike collided with a SUV on Sunshine Canyon Drive in Denver, Colorado. Colorado State Trooper Nate Reid said that an adult male and his two children were riding a tandem bicycle that had been retrofitted with a third seat at the time of the accident. They were riding eastbound near the 3900 block of Sunshine Drive at about 3:30 p.m. when the crash occurred.

The investigation has revealed so far that the cyclist were crossing into the westbound lanes and were sideswiped by a Toyota 4Runner SUV. The man on the bicycle suffered moderate injuries, and the children, one girl and one boy, suffered only minor injuries. They were able to take themselves to the nearby hospital without the need of an ambulance.

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