Bicyclist Killed By Unattended Slackline On Utah State University Campus.

The parents of 24-year-old Eric Anderson have filed a lawsuit against Utah State University and several students after their son was killed when he drove his bicycle into an unattended slackline. The slackline, used for tight roping, was set up between two trees near the bottom of Old Main Hill on university campus.

The tragic accident occurred on August 26, 2013. The students who had set up the slackline were watching university employees setting up a movie screen and had left the slackline unattended. There was nothing to warn others of the slackline, such as a flag or sign, making it impossible for Anderson to brake by the time he actually noticed the rope. Anderson’s trachea was immediately severed by the impact. Just two hours and thirty minutes later, rescue crews pronounced him dead.

According to the parents’ lawsuit, the students should have anticipated the danger the slackline posed to bicyclists. Furthermore, the university had a duty to prevent the danger and instruct the students to take down the slackline. The family is seeking for more than $2 million in damages.

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