Bike Activists Argue “I Didn’t See Him” Fails As A Defense.

In the aftermath of another tragic accident that took the life of a 30 year-old Chelsea, MA bicyclist, Massachusetts bike activists are speaking up. The truck driver in the most recent fatal accident, 41 year-old Ricky Prezioso, received a lesser charge after simply insisting that he hadn’t seen the bicyclist. But according to activists, drivers have a duty to look for bicyclists, and when they fail and an accident results, they should be held accountable.

Bike activists argue that increased penalties will cause drivers to be more vigilant in looking for bike riders. If “I didn’t see them” becomes an accepted excuse for killing a bicyclist, then the state of Massachusetts will never see any convictions in these cases. The opposite argument, however, maintains that stricter penalties will only serve to absolve bicyclists of their responsibility to ride safely and follow the rules of the road.

The accident that killed the Chelsea man recently was caused by a right-hook turn. Essentially, the truck driver passed the bicyclist and then proceeded to make a right turn. The bicyclist couldn’t stop in time, and collided with the side of the truck. This is the same type of accident that killed two other riders in the past couple of years in Massachusetts. Although this maneuver of passing a bike rider to make a right-hook turn is illegal, no one has been prosecuted under the law, thanks to the excuse of “I didn’t see him.”

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