Bike Manufacturer Agrees to Pay $1.9 Million In Personal Injury Damages After Defective Part Results in Rider’s Death.

Bicycles are a great way to travel and exercise.  They are light-weight and efficient, and above all else, are fun to ride.  Technology and innovation have greatly improved bicycles in terms of both performance and design.  What was once a glorified seat on two wheels is now a high-performance machine of excellent mechanical and industrial design.  The downside of bicycling, however, is that bicycles offer virtually no protection to the rider from personal injury due to their light-weight minimalist design. It is crucial, therefore, that bicycles are made without defect in order to avoid serious injuries or even wrongful death.

A local fifty-eight-year-old Massachusetts computer analysist was an avid cyclist, who usually rode his bike on his neighborhood trails every morning.  One day, the cyclist was traveling on a flat, perfectly paved piece of road when his bicycle’s front wheel suddenly and unexpectedly became dislodged, causing him to crash to the ground.  The cyclist struck his head on the ground, and despite wearing a helmet, cracked his skull on the pavement.  He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but tragically died as a result of the bicycle crash.

Uncertain as to why an experienced cyclist would suddenly fall, the man’s family had his bicycle inspected by an expert.  According to, the expert discovered that a component part within the head tube of the bicycle was cracked when installed, causing the bike’s wheel to separate from the frame.  The cyclist’s family field a wrongful death lawsuit against the bike’s manufacturer and seller, alleging that the defective part caused the crash that killed the cyclist.  Rather than go to trial, the bike’s manufacturer and seller agreed to pay the cyclist’s family $1.9 million in personal injury damages for their involvement in his death.

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