Boston Police Cruiser Crashes Into Cyclist Causing Even Greater Interest In Bike Safety Legislation.

Boston lawmakers have proposed new bike safety legislation recently, which includes increased fines for drivers who impede a biker’s right-of-way, in an attempt to make road conditions safer for those who ride bicycles.  This proposed legislation has received even more attention as of late after the Boston Police Department reported that it is investigating a bicycle accident that took place on July 9, 2013 between a bicyclist and a police cruiser

When police arrived on the scene of the motor vehicle accident at New Chardon Street in Boston, MA, they found that a 63 year-old man riding his bike had been hit by a Boston police officer driving a police cruiser.  The man sustained personal injuries, but they were not life-threatening.  The cyclist initially received medical treatment at the scene of the accident and was later transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital emergency room.

The bicycle/car accident remains under investigation, and is likely to receive widespread attention due to its public policy related topic and interest.

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