CA Man Likely To Receive $3.75M After Sustaining Severe Injuries In Bicycle Crash.

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A San Francisco, California bicyclist is expected to be awarded $3.75 million in personal injury damages. This comes after his bike was struck by a city street sweeper.

Local San Francisco musician, Jay Korber, was riding his bike at around 12:30 a.m. on a San Francisco street on December 13, 2012. At that time, a street sweeper vehicle made a turn onto the same road he was traveling on. The sweeper struck the cyclist, sucked him in, and pinned him underneath the vehicle. The sweeper continued to drag Mr. Korber for nearly 41 feet before coming to a stop. Mr. Korber was so firmly pinned underneath the vehicle that a fire crew had to extract him.

As a result of the collision, Mr. Korber sustained severe injuries, including a compound fracture to his pelvis, a shattered tailbone, broken ribs, a torn colon, and a ruptured bladder. He was lucky to survive the ordeal, but he spent over a month in the San Francisco General Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. He is presently wheelchair bound and still recovering.

A public San Francisco insurance program has covered half of his medical bills, while disability insurance, donations from fans and friends, as well as benefit concerts, have helped Mr. Korber to meet most of his daily living expenses.

He filed a lawsuit in April 2013 alleging that the city had negligently and carelessly owned, controlled and maintained the street sweeper.

The city’s attorneys office has reportedly agreed to pay Mr. Korber $3.75 million and give the San Francisco General Hospital $322,000 for unpaid medical bills. The last step is for the city’s Board of Supervisors to approve the settlement.

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