Connecticut Man Sues Citi Bike For $15 Million In Personal Injury Damages.

Ronald Corwin, a 73 year-old Connecticut man, has filed a $15 million lawsuit against the bike-sharing company Citi Bike. In his suit, Corwin claims that a wheelstop was negligently placed near the bike racks, causing him to flip over the handlebars. He now allegedly suffers from a permanent nerve disorder that has left him unable to taste or smell anything.

The bike accident occurred in late October, 2013, at the E 56th Street and Madison Avenue docking station in New York City. The wheelstop is a raised platform that is intended to stop motor vehicles from driving forward. According to Corwin, the wheelstop was negligently positioned. Due to its color, it blended in with the cement, and made it unlikely that a bicyclist would notice it. Since the bicycle accident, the wheelstop has been painted a bright orange color, with an orange street cone placed behind it. Under the so-called subsequent remedial measure doctrine, it is unlikely that this can be presented in court as evidence of negligence.

Corwin is seeking $15 million in damages stemming from the bicycle accident.

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