Connecticut Maple Syrup Farmer Killed in Tragic Bicycle Accident.

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On July 18, 2014, Paul Hughes was riding his bicycle on Route 189 in West Hartford, Connecticut.  In addition to being a cycling enthusiast, the 72-year-old Bloomfield, Connecticut resident was also a small business specialist and a well-respected member of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.  He had owned a maple syrup farm in Bloomfield for decades, turning a small town project into a very successful business enterprise.

While riding his bike on Route 189, however, Mr. Hughes was hit by a pick-up truck and killed.  According to police, the area where the accident took place has a wide shoulder that is well-marked and used for various fundraising bicycle rides.  Sadly, 33-year-old Hainsley Clark, also of Bloomfield, was not aware of the presence of Mr. Hughes when he was attempting to take a turn.  He struck the bicycle head-on, causing mortal wounds to Mr. Hughes.  Clark was employed by a company called Tire Central, and was working for them at the time of the bike accident.  Though no charges have been reported as of yet, there is a strong possibility of criminal charges and a wrongful death lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Hughes family. 

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