Fatal Hit-And-Run Accident Leaves Biker Dead In Colorado.

Police are still searching for the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a bicyclist near Windsor, Colorado this weekend and fled the scene of the accident. The biker, 46 year-old Ernesto Wiedenbrug of Fort Collins, Colorado, has been confirmed dead.

The bicycle accident, which happened at around 5:44 p.m. on Saturday on the Interstate 25 frontage road south of Kechter Road, adds to the remarkably low tally of fatal motorist-bicyclist accidents in Fort Collins in recent years. Records show, however, that while few Fort Collins motorist-bicyclist accidents result in fatalities, the number of motorist-bicyclist accidents have markedly increased over the past few years. Well aware of the dangers cyclists face on the road, Wiedenbrug made sure to abide by road rules and wore a helmet whenever he went biking. Accident reports say the northbound vehicle smashed into the back of his bike then quickly fled the scene. Wiedenbrug soon died from fatal torso injuries, according to the Larimer County Coroner’s Office.

Police are still searching for the driver that hit Wiedenbrug. They say the vehicle was silver with damage to its front-right side and potentially to the right side of the windshield as well. “Fleeing the scene of a crash in which someone is killed is a felony, and we take that very seriously,” Captain Rob Marone, Colorado State Patrol’s troop commander in Fort Collins, stated. He added, “Our Troopers are investigating several leads, and we’re asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the vehicle and driver.”

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