Illinois Teen’s Family Awarded $80,000 After He Was Killed By a Motorist While on His Bicycle.

Bicycles are a great way to travel and exercise.  They are light-weight, efficient, and above all else, fun to ride.  Technology and innovation have greatly improved bicycles in terms of both performance and design.  What was once a glorified seat on two wheels is now a high-performance machine of excellent mechanical and industrial design.  While we are still thinking of the warm, sunny weather, there are going to be a lot of bicyclists on local roadways.  It is crucial, therefore, that drivers maintain a watchful eye towards bike riders to avoid serious injuries or even wrongful death.

One driver who allegedly did not maintain a watchful eye is Wendy Mann.  Mann was driving along route 14 in Cary, Illinois when she reportedly struck seventeen-year-old Nathan Oglesby while he was riding his bicycle.  Oglesby was riding his bicycle along the center median because there apparently was no safe path for pedestrians or bicyclists along that stretch of Route 14.  According to, Mann did not receive any tickets after the crash, and tests taken immediately afterward showed she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Oglesby’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in order to cover his funeral expenses, as well as achieve some form of compensation for their pain and suffering.   Mann’s insurance agreed to pay the family $80,000.   Additionally, the local government bodies signed an agreement to share the estimated $932,000 cost of building a path along the north side of Route 14, spanning from Route 22 in Fox River Grove to Main Street in Cary.

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