Injured Bicyclist Seeks Justice After Terrible Crash.

Lorie McCormick is a 49-year-old teacher and mother who prides herself in being a seasoned cyclist. Today, she remains in a wheelchair after an August bicycling accident that occurred in Canyon Lake, an affluent gated community in Riverside County, California.

Lorie had just recently earned a Triple Crown jersey for completing the Hemet Double Century, the Borrego Springs Double Century and the Malibu Grand Tour Double Century. She was training to ride in the White Mountain Double Century in September, when she was hit by a car taking a left turn into a driveway in her gated community of Canyon Lake. According to Lorie, she is certain she had the right-of-way, but the driver still failed to stop.

The driver admitted to police that he had been drinking before the accident, but told them that he was not above the legal limit. A drug test was never done. Although the driver failed to yield, the Riverside Police failed to ticket the driver because traffic violations in the gated community are technically outside their jurisdiction. The Canyon Lake authorities have also declined to take action against the driver, saying due to the extent of the victim’s injuries it is a case for county police.

Months later, Lorie remains in a wheel chair awaiting justice. The accident caused her to suffer broken legs, a sprained ankle and a sprained wrist. She also needed surgery for a shattered kneecap. Lorie is working towards getting back to work at her school. As for bicycling, she fears she’ll never ride again.

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