Man Awarded $15 Million Settlement After He Is Paralyzed In Bike Accident.

Vince Colarossi was recently awarded $15 million for the personal injuries he suffered as the result of a bicycle accident that was caused by the alleged failure of California contractors to properly resurface a public roadway in Malibu.  Colarossi was paralyzed as a result of the contractors’ alleged negligence. He brought a personal injury lawsuit, along with four other plaintiffs, against the contractors.


The alleged failure of the contractors to properly resurface the public roadway led to Colarossi suffering a broken vertebrae that transformed the once “strong, active, virile man to a person in constant pain, relegated to a wheelchair for the rest of his life,” according to his lawyer.  Colarossi arbitrated the settlement agreement before a three judge panel that awarded him $15.5 million, and an additional $988,000.00 to the fifth plaintiff in the case.  The other three plaintiffs had previously settled their claims against the contractor for a combined $400,000.00.

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