Oakland To Pay $3.25 Million In Settlement Of Bicycle Accident Case.

Dulcey Bower, a 30 year-old Oakland resident, suffered serious personal injuries after hitting a city pothole while riding her bicycle. Three years later, the woman will receive a settlement amount of $3.25 million from the city of Oakland, California.

Bower hit a pothole, and crashed her bicycle, while riding on Mountain Boulevard on August 7, 2011. As a result, she suffered serious injuries to her face, teeth and jaw. According to the lawsuit, the city’s Public Works Department had received many complaints from bicyclists, and other community members, about the pothole problems plaguing Mountain Boulevard where the bike accident occurred. These complaints went as far back as four years before Bower’s accident. Despite having four years of chances to repair the pothole that caused Bower’s injuries, the city failed to make the repairs and allowed bicyclists to be exposed to an unacceptably high risk of serious injury.

After a closed-session meeting last Tuesday, the city agreed to pay Bowers $3.25 million.

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