Ohio State University Settles Bike Accident Claim With Student For $500,000 and Free Tuition.

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For many people, a bike offers at least one of two or more benefits.  For some, it is a method of physical exercise.  For other people, bicycles are useful recreational tools, capable of freeing the mind and body, either on the open road or in the tranquil setting of nature itself.

Unfortunately, with these perks, there are risks involved with riding a bike.  Bicyclists are highly prone to personal injury, and in the worst cases, wrongful death.  Although they are powered only by human exertion, bicycles can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour in special circumstances.  They provide very little, if any, protection from injury in the event of a collision with a car, truck or other object on the road.  Under the law, bicyclists should be given the right-of-way—but frequently they are not—by motorists when traveling on open roads, especially when there are no designated bike lanes.  When negligent driving is the cause of a bicyclist’s injuries, multiple parties may be held accountable for the costs of treatment and other expenses of the victim.

In September of 2012, James Hughes was an 18-year-old freshman at Ohio State University.  He was majoring in chemical engineering, and was excited to begin his college career.  On September 5, he was riding his bike to class, when he was suddenly hit by a dump truck being driven by 71-year-old Issac Hinton.

The bicycle accident occurred near the entrance to a construction site around Woodruff Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.  James’s leg was crushed by the dump truck, and several of his ribs were broken.  Doctors were later forced to amputate his leg to save him from an infection.

Shortly after the terrible accident, James and his family filed a lawsuit against Ohio State, Mr. Hinton, and the 10 contractors who had been hired to work on the construction site.  In his complaint, James alleged that the University had known about the potential hazards in that area but had done nothing to warn students or prevent such an accident from occurring.

In response to the allegations, Ohio State has not publicly admitted any wrongdoing.  They have, however, agreed to a hefty settlement with James and his family in order to prevent any future lawsuits.  An Ohio court recently approved a $500,000 settlement for James, in addition to free tuition to the University.   Representing James in the case was attorney Stephen Crandall.

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