Springfield, OR Resident Criminally Sentenced for Negligent Homicide in Death of Cyclist.

James Robert Gleich, 54, of Springfield, Oregon, was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and 5 years probation for recklessly striking and killing a bicycle rider.

The sentence stems from a bicycle accident in August 2011 in which Gleich collided with Mingo Pelkey while she was riding her bicycle.

Pelkey had used a hand signal before crossing the traffic onto the street where she lived, but Gleich struck her as he was attempting to speed past a vehicle in another lane.

Gleich was originally charged with manslaughter based upon his poor history of causing auto accidents, but the charge was lessened when he plead guilty to negligent homicide.

In addition to his criminal sentence, Gleich was ordered to pay damages to Pelkey’s family for her medical and funeral expenses.

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