Tampa Bay, Florida Police Make Arrest In Tragic Hit-And-Run Case.

Tamba Bay, Florida Police have arrested the driver of a green Nissan pickup suspected of causing a fatal hit-and-run accident in which a man was killed and a woman was knocked into a coma. The accident took place while the couple was riding a tandem bicycle.

On the morning of this past Labor Day, Monday, September 2, 2013, Rob Lemon, 25, and his girlfriend Hilary Michalak, 27, were riding a tandem bicycle on Memorial Causeway in Clearwater, Florida. Both were wearing helmets and other protective gear and Lemon had an anklet with emergency contact information. The couple was suddenly struck by a speeding green Nissan pickup. The bicycle was obliterated into several pieces and the couple was tossed across the road, landing 50 feet apart from one another. The green Nissan kept going without stopping.

Lemon and Michalak were rushed to the emergency room of nearby St. Joseph’s Hospital. Lemon was pronounced dead a short time following the bicycle accident. Michalak lapsed into coma and she presently remains at the hospital in critical condition.

Tampa Bay Police issued a public report and released pictures of the vehicle. The driver, Patrick Weed, 29, has now come forward and admitted to driving the vehicle on Monday. Tampa Bay Police arrested Weed on charges of vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury. Weed maintains that he does not remember the accident because he blacked out and came forward only after he saw his car on the news report.

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