Two Swedish Researchers Create “Invisible” Bicycle Helmet.

Two women from Sweden have created a revolutionary new bicycle helmet touted by the designers/investors as being “invisible.” While the helmet is not truly invisible, its unique design and safety features make it an exciting new development in the world of bicycle safety and fashion consciousness.

The helmet essentially consists of a soft collar worn around the neck. The collar can be hidden under a scarf, outer clothing, or worn plainly. In the event of a bicycle accident, the helmet deploys into an airbag that rapidly cloaks the wearer’s head and neck, and keeps them steady and protected from collision with the ground or other objects.

The two inventors have subjected the invisible bike helmet to hundreds of hours of testing in a fashion similar to safety testing automobiles. The helmet earned very high safety reviews from European road safety agencies and is now available for sale in Europe for €399, which is approximately US$500. This makes for an expensive bike helmet, but for those who want to keep their brain intact, while simultaneously avoiding “helmet head” hair, the invisible helmet makes an obvious choice.

There is no word yet on when the helmet will begin the road-safety approval process in the United States, but it is expected to start soon.

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