Young Boy Is Killed After Bike He Was Riding Is Hit By Truck.

Before we’re old enough to be able to drive cars, biking from place to place was often the most efficient and quickest way to get where we needed to go. However, it was always risky riding a bicycle in an area with heavy vehicular traffic or biking late at night. Bicyclists, of all ages, need to make sure they are careful while riding and take the necessary safety precautions Even when a rider takes the necessary precautions, however, if a vehicle negligently enters your bike lane, which causes you to have an accident, you may be entitled to just compensation equal to the amount of your pain and suffering and other damages. Victims of bicycle accidents should rely on an experienced bicycle accident personal injury attorney here at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates to help guide them through this complicated litigation process.

This past Tuesday, a boy, somewhere between the ages of 9 and 11, was riding his bike, to school, when he was hit by a truck. The Garfield, New Jersey Police Department is conducting the investigation and is looking for any information regarding the truck.  Since the accidents, officers have not yet been able to identify the boy and are working to notify the victim’s family. Mayor Richard Rigoglioso, who is also the local middle school principal, said that he did not believe the boy was a Garfield Middle School student because he was not wearing a uniform. The bicycle accident occurred near two other schools and only a block away from where the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office filmed a driver safety film last September.

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